The Wild Pause

The Wild Pause

A weekend adventure to free your soul

The Wild Pause is an escape into the wilderness to liberate your soul’s deepest desire for freedom. It’s designed for the adventurer that lies dormant within you. The wild one who has been trapped by life’s circumstances, and is desperate to break out of society’s mould of who they should be and what they should be doing.

It’s for the one who has said – enough. Take to me somewhere I have not yet been, so I can become the person I’m meant to be. Give me my freedom and show me the way forward.

At the Wild Pause you will meet the wild one that lives inside of you. The silent risk taker, the inner rebel and the forgotten warrior.

You will be invited and pushed to meet life beyond your comfort zone – and from this place nature will hold you and guide you to overcome your life’s challenges and constraints.

Through nature’s reflection, you’ll discover what you seek is always within and around you.

A multidimensional journey into the wilderness of your soul:

It’s a physical journey: you’ll be cooking and sleeping under the stars, feeling the earth beneath your feet, feeling the wind on your face, trekking through the unknown. Nature will awaken all your physical senses in a way that will enliven your soul.

It’s a mental exploration: you’ll gain insight on how you cope with change and the unpredictable rawness of nature and life. As you get pushed out of your comfort zone, your mind will forge new neural pathways that will strengthen your muscle to respond to life’s challenges.

It’s an emotional connection: as you let nature hold you and invigorate every cell your body you’ll feel more freedom and joy in your heart than ever before. The embodied connection you seek for is always within you and available through nature.

It’s a spiritual quest: by letting go of everything in your life and bathing in the vastness of the wild, you will find your true essence reflected in nature. The inner knowing you seek is revealed through all of Nature’s clues.

The Wild Pause is a full blown multidimensional sensory experience where everything gets amplified and intensified. When you are immersed fully in nature nothing can stay stagnate.  The more you connect with nature, the more you connect with your wild self.

The journey is only as powerful as the people you journey with…

Introducing Ian Prickett

For you to be able to journey deep into powerful forces of nature, you need to feel held by someone who has been there before you. Someone you can trust who can navigate the elements.

For the Wild Pause I have partnered with Ian Prickett, a well-respected Polar Explorer, who joined Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the world’s greatest living explorer, on the ‘Coldest Journey’ Expedition as the team’s engineer.  The Coldest Journey was the first ever attempt to cross the Antarctic Continent in winter. Ian is one of only 5 people on the planet ever to have attempted this feat.

Ian will be our expedition leader, drawing on 20 years experience as a global expedition leader.

His role will be to keep you safe, push your boundaries, inspire you to think differently and make sure you have lots of fun along the way!

Together we will hold the space for nature to guide and teach you all that your heart longs to know.


Danielle Marchant

Danielle Marchant


Danielle is an international coach with over 15 years experience coaching leaders and executives in more than 20 different countries. With a manic corporate schedule and intense social life style, her body reached burn out while living in Singapore in 2012 and life gave her a very loud ‘enforced pause’.

She moved back to Cornwall to recover and rebalance her life but struggled to find all the resources she needed to get life back on track. This lack inspired the creation of the Pause Retreats, a series of retreats that help people listen to what life is telling them so they can avoid having their own ‘enforced pause’.

Danielle designed the Wild Pause for those who are strong physically, but mentally and emotionally feel trapped by the life they have created. Through nature the senses are heightened and stimulated to bring inner reflection and clarity, with freedom being the ultimate aim.

Ian Prickett

Ian Prickett


Ian began his expedition career 20 years ago as an Expedition Leader in the Royal Navy. He has led expeditions all over the world, from New Zealand, to Africa and the Antarctic, honing his skills in the harshest of environments.

Over the past 10 years Ian has worked with scientists and engineers within the British Antarctic Survey, building and repairing research establishments, setting up temporary field camps, while studying all of the amazing wildlife you can find throughout this amazing continent.

His polar experience culminated in being asked to join Sir Ranulph Fiennes, the world’s greatest living explorer, on the ‘Coldest Journey’ Expedition as the team’s engineer.  The Coldest Journey was the 1st ever attempt to cross the Antarctic Continent in winter. Ian is one of only 5 people on the planet ever to have attempted this feat.

As an experienced Outdoor Pursuits Instructor, Ian is an ISKGA (International Sea Kayak Guide Association) guide, BCU (British Canoe Union) Level 2 coach, BSUPA (British Stand Up Paddleboard Association) Level 2 instructor, British Cycling Mountain Bike Leader and trained Mountain Leader.  His passion for teaching and progression in an outdoor environment is second to none.

Now based in Cornwall, Ian runs Vertical Blue, offering tailor made adventures throughout the county.  


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Cornwall – the wild land of myths and legends

Cornwall’s dramatic landscape and beauty makes it the perfect place for the Wild Pause.  You will roam free on towering cliffs, discover yourself in secret coves and secluded beaches and have time to reflect as you float along meandering rivers.

There’s a mystical aspect to Cornwall –  a land of folklore, myths and legends. It’s a place where magic happens and nature is divinely unpredictable.

We can’t promise you sparkling sunshine, Cornwall’s dramatic weather moves to it’s own rhythm, but that will all be part of the wildness!


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