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Some coaches focus on the outer journey, others the inner journey. I focus on the mutual journey. What can we both learn from this together?

Welcome to my ‘home’.  This is where we’ll meet, connect and share insights about life.  The ups, the downs, the mundane and the adventures.

This isn’t a one way conversation.  I want to share all the parts of me and I want to hear all about you.  I will write about my journey and I want to hear about yours.  I want to know what inspires and moves you.  What hurts and pains you.  What makes you laugh and feel young again.  You can comment anywhere on any blog you feel inspired to comment on, or you can get in touch with me privately.  It’s all welcome in my home.

I guess you want to know a bit more about me …

To begin with my life didn’t turn out how I expected it to.  I grew up in little fishing village in Cornwall and by this age I expected to have settled down with a family and lead a quiet life.

But instead life had other plans for me.

I’ve skydived and heli hiked on glaciers in New Zealand.  I’ve danced til dawn in Rio and trekked the Inca trail to Machu Picchu.  I’ve dived with sharks, sealions and penguins in the Galapagos Islands.

It was anything but quiet, and all of this was fabulous, until life gave me a wake up call.  In 2011 I woke up one day burnt out to the core.  I couldn’t get to out of bed.

I had pushed myself beyond my limits

My body could no longer sustain the breakneck pace.

I knew I faced serious long term illness if I didn’t make a change.

The breakdown and burnout was the most painful experience of my life.  I felt so weak and alone, and yet through those tough moments, I managed to slow down the mind chatter and adrenalin…

My steps to recovery back to healing my wellbeing included:

Three months in total retreat on a farm in Cornwall

Intensive psychotherapy

Learning to eat and sleep again

My extreme lifestyle needed an extreme recovery!

And through this, my business was born.  I’ve always been a coach but suddenly the way I was coaching changed.

It went from setting goals to letting outcomes unravel.

From using formulaic one size fits all models, to an intuitive deep dive into your specific needs.

From following a process to following you.

I started slowing down the pace instead of trying to quickly reach an outcome.

I started weaving conversations about business and life together instead of keeping them separate.

I started working from the inside out rather than the outside in.

I noticed the difference in the results I was getting with my clients.  I started to tap into their true needs and heart desires.

I’m also so thankful my burnout I gave birth to my signature Pause retreats which are designed to help you slow down, reconnect to your heart so you can flow rather than fight with life.

The crazy thing is, I’ve learnt the more I listen to my heart and look after my wellbeing and needs, the more life has guided me to what I truly want.

And now that’s what I’m committed to – helping people reconnect with their hearts and feel good again.

Why I do what I do – how I got here

My friends often ask me to be more spontaneous, less serious, but truthfully I like serious.

I’m known for being deep and meaningful. Except when I’m feeling mischievous, but then it seems all hell can break loose. Think being stranded solo on a Thai island, gun action in Sri Lanka, working and partying so hard in Singapore I burned out…

Yes, carnage seems to follow when I let my wild side out. I love being wild but somehow right now serious seems safer. I’m multifaceted and contradictory.I love immersing  in the power of nature, but the electric vibe of the city throbs inside me too.

Champagne or juice? I’ll take both.

Earthy Taurean meets Chinese Fire Dragon. Introversion suits me just fine, I can go for weeks without seeing anyone – but put me in a party and I’ll sparkle like the inevitable sequins on my dress.

A soul with many sides. That’s me. That’s what this site is about. An opportunity for me to share all of me.

The 360 degree view. The shades of grey and the colours that make me me.The light and dark, the earth and fire, the highs and lows. The full perspective. My essence, my work, my passions – the whole lot.

Expect to go deep, this is me after all.

But don’t say I don’t warn you if my wild side pops out, I am a dragon after all.

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