The Sacred Pause

The Sacred Pause

A spiritual journey into the unknown to remember your soul’s essence

The Sacred Pause is a spiritual calling to meet your deep inner self. This retreat is not for everyone. It’s for the daring and the bold.

It’s for the ones who are willing to dive into the spiritual realm (even if you may not know what means) to awaken the part of you that has been operating undercover.

You will know if you are meant to be at this retreat. You will feel it in your bones. The thought of working with healers, psychics and the realm of energy opens your heart and excites your soul. Your tummy sinks in both fear and excitement, as you know this journey will take you to the place your heart has been longing to go. You know the answers you seek cannot be found in ‘this realm’ because you’ve tried everything already.

This isn’t a dream or a fantasy. I am inviting you to join me into the depths of the unknown so you can meet yourself. All the work you’ve done to date has taken you as far as you can go at this point, and yet there is another layer I invite you to explore with me.

You will find all the answers you are seeking at The Sacred Pause because you know they are deep within you.

This retreat is not about teaching you new information or new processes; it’s about releasing the blocks (i.e. emotional, physical, energetic, psychic, spiritual blocks) that are stopping you from living and expressing your soul’s essence.

I’m not foolish enough to think I have all the answers or that I can guide you through this spiritual journey myself. I’ve brought together a circle of powerful healers and teachers to hold the space and guide us through our journey together.

I have worked with each of the healers and teachers and the quality and integrity of their work has hugely impacted my life and I want to share their work with you.

You can expect emotions to surface, old issues to arise, past life memories might make themselves known, all your unwanted pain and fears about life may also surface… and no matter what comes up, just know you will be held and guided each step of the way.

Although I’m journeying with you, I also be coaching and guiding you so you can integrate what you learn in these spiritual realms into your everyday life. All my work is about transforming the way you relate to your inner world so your outer world can change and this retreat is no exception – actually it’s the deepest expression of this concept.  

As you learn to navigate and explore the spiritual realm, you will start to trust yourself and trust life in a way you have never experienced before. I promise you the certainty and fulfilment you long for starts from within and The Sacred Pause will take you there.

If you feel compelled to join me on this journey, I invite you to fill in this application form. Given the nature of this retreat, it’s really important that any questions you have get answered in advance so I’ll be chatting to everyone one-to-one prior to accepting any bookings. It’s also really important for me to know where you are in your journey and what your heart longs for.


Danielle Marchant, Coach & Founder of the Pause

Danielle Marchant, Coach & Founder of the Pause


With over 15 years in the executive and life coaching world and having coached hundreds of people in 20 different countries, I found myself wanting more. I wanted a different way of living a deeper way of working with my clients.

My journey of wanting ‘different’ and ‘deeper’ led me to Bali. Here I’ve learnt to cleanse, detox, purify, breathe, stretch, release and heal.  Today I feel lighter, clearer, brighter and more powerful than I’ve ever been and my world reflects this.

I am so grateful for all that Bali has given me. I am still committed to ‘different’ and ‘deeper’ and now I’m bringing this to you through The Sacred Pause.

Hang Wang, Healer & Herbalist

Hang Wang, Healer & Herbalist


Hang Wang is a hands on healer and I first met him when he was teaching a Qi Gong class at Yoga Barn in Bali. The moment I met him I felt his power and knew I had met a significant teacher. I’ve attended his Qi Gong workshops and have had private sessions with him and they have been life changing.

Hang’s experience expands an extensive list of modalities from shamanism, pranic healing, deep bodywork, craniosacral therapy, esoteric acupuncture, bio-resonance, plasma energy therapy, past life soul retrieval, nutritional therapy, yoga, and many years of disciplined Qi Gong training and sitting meditation.  

On the retreat you will receive a hands on healing with Hang and he will help move the Qi (energy) in your body.  Energy blocks in the body are usually due to unresolved emotional experiences, unreleased traumas, physical injuries and tension, stagnant energy, and occasionally past life influences. Get ready for a life transforming experience!

Paula Shaw, Intuitive Healer & Psychic

Paula Shaw, Intuitive Healer & Psychic


Paula is an intuitive healer and psychic and in my first reading with her I felt more confident, powerful and hopeful than I had for a long time.  She’s straight talking, and sometimes I squirm at the truth as it’s laid before me, but we also laugh a lot at the reality of being human.  I keep Paula’s guidance neatly tucked away in the back of my heart and it always feel like a protective layer which allows me to find courage when I most need it.

Paula has been receiving psychic information since she was a child and has been giving Soul Guidance readings for 12+ years however reading into the future is small part of what she does.  Her readings often unravel relationship dynamics allowing you to connect the dots between your past, present and future. By stepping back and seeing yourself and your life objectively, you can get a stronger sense of where you are right now and integrate the lessons life has been trying to teach you at a whole new level.

At the retreat you’ll receive a Soul Guidance reading from Paula to shed light on where you are right now in your life journey. You’ll get insight on why you are and what you need to do next to integrate your learnings from The Sacred Pause.

Wakuha Blueflame, Archangelic Shaman

Wakuha Blueflame, Archangelic Shaman


I met Wakuha when I attended a Tibetan Bowl meditation she was leading.  I felt the sacredness of the space she created the second I walked into the room and knew I wanted her to be apart of The Sacred Pause.

Wakuha was initiated into a Native American lineage in 2011 and has since been following her shamanic spiritual path, healing and teaching others through craniosacral therapy, soul retrieval, akashic release, chakra clearing, sound healing and sacred meditation.

I have invited Wakuha to lead a Tibetan Bowl meditation to help your body drop into deep meditation. By slowing the mind down it is possible to experience alternate time space realities and from this space, access divine wisdom, guidance, peace and healing.

I Wayan Budiarta, Yoga Teacher

I Wayan Budiarta, Yoga Teacher


Budi’s Thai massage skills and his experience in consciousness meditation also informs his yoga practice. At the Scared Pause Budi is our Yin Yoga teacher, helping your to gently unwind tight muscles and stiff joints in a gentle and supportive way. No previous yoga experience is needed; Budi is skilled at supporting each guest to get the most from their Yin Yoga practice.


11th – 15th October 2020


Fivelements Bali

Why Bali?

Bali is a healing and spiritual land and I’ve chosen it specifically for The Sacred Pause. It is the only island in Indonesia that is Hindu and the Balinese people honour their land with deep gratitude and sacred ceremony.

I’ve chosen Bali because I know the land is powerful enough to hold the space for us to delve into deep healing and spiritual transformation. The moment you land, you will feel the power of this volcanic island. Just know, when Mama Bali calls … you’re ready. Be sure to hang on tight because it’s going to be an epic ride!


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Excludes travel to Bali

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