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Reconnect with your heart 
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Every woman deserves to be happy. Every woman deserves to follow her heart.

Every woman also worries. It’s part of our DNA. It’s what makes us loving, compassionate and forgiving. It’s also what makes us angry, protective and powerful beyond our imagination.

Yet somewhere along the line, society has told us worry is bad. Our emotions are bad. That we should be able to pick ourselves up like men and just ‘get on with life’.

But we’re not built that way. Nor should we try and live that way.

Pretending or ignoring what we feel, is like trying to put a the lid on our intuition.

But neither works. Deep down we know what our intuition is telling us (and it’s not going to go away either). Deep down we also know, our emotions need to be felt and expressed.

  • What if all these emotions we are afraid of: worry, anxiety, self doubt, guilt and shame…
  • What if all these emotions were keys that could lead us back to our heart?
  • What if your intuition lies within the emotions you are avoiding?

When I decided to reconnect with my heart, I discovered an internal power beyond my imagination. An internal knowing that everything is ok and just as it should be. Peace and stillness permeated through my body.

That’s what I want to share with you.

Too many women have forgotten their heart is their gateway to their soul.

The wonderful news is, you don’t have to do much to reconnect with your heart.

I’m here to show you the ways I’ve discovered and the tools I use to reconnect. It doesn’t take much time. It’s not even that difficult. It does require you to be honest though. About how you feel and what you want.

It’s small steps. One step at a time. And wherever you are at right now is perfect.

Want to start reconnecting today? Here are some of my favourite tools …

Connecting the head and Heart:

Living an integrated life:

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