How to press pause and take a tech break


We check our phones an average of 221 times a day, we have apps that help us sleep and remind us to be mindful while we secretly measure our success in ‘likes’. Time is our luxury and yet with technology we are never able to leave the office, even when we aren’t there. The fear of missing out makes us rush from one thing to the next, not really taking any of it in. 

If you feel addicted to you smartphone, you might want to consider building in mini tech breaks. Tech breaks can work well at the weekends, you don’t have to do a full digital detox for the entire weekend (but you might want to experiment with that some time!) You can choose how long you want your tech break to be, an hour is often a good starting point.

First of all turn your smartphone (and any other devices!) off and pop it in the drawer. You might feel a bit nervous about this at first, but go with it. Then find a place to sit. Choose somewhere that you like, a place that feels peaceful and calm to you. This is going to become your spot that you can return to again and again. It might be a quiet place in your home, in the garden, a tree at your local park, near some water, a woodland, or prehaps an art gallery or museum – whatever you feel drawn to.

The key is to turn off your smartphone and leave it in a draw at home! Don’t be tempted to have it with you.

Now go to your spot and sit quietly. This is not specifically a meditation but it might feel like it, and if you do meditate you can practice that now. Otherwise, you can either simply sit and breathe, or if you want to you can gently consider a question, letting the question rise up, but holding it lightly at the same time.

If your body feels agitated or itchy sitting still, breathe more deeply. If your mind is busy just let it be, it’s not meant to be still and silent for this experience.

Breathe. Breathe a little more deeply and breathe again.

All is well…

More simple tips to turn off and tune in, can be found in my book Pause published by Aster

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