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We check our phones an average of 221 times a day, we have apps that help us sleep and remind us to be mindful while we secretly measure our success in ‘likes’.

Time is our luxury and yet with technology we are never able to leave the office, even when we aren’t there. The fear of missing out makes us rush from one thing to the next, not really taking any of it in.

Pause allows you to finally put yourself, your feelings and your intuition first. Learning to say no, doing the things that make you feel good, and not doing the things that don’t make you feel good – these are not self indulgent. Listening to your own heart and wisdom doesn’t make you selfish, slowing down to appreciate your life isn’t lazy or unambitious. It is an ancient message, but still just as strong; when you pause to take care of yourself and your own life, you become the person you’re meant to be

“Today, for so many of us, life has become a running paragraph with no punctuation. Strive drive sleep repeat don’t miss a beat. Our everyday stress levels and constant ‘busyness’ are draining our inner resources and our love for life. We’re off balance, often exhausted; even our holidays only seem to touch the surface of getting back to the sense of who we really are. 

The consequences of running on empty for too long reveal themselves in our relationships, our work and how we generally feel about life. We might lose our sparkle, have a short fuse, eat badly, find it increasingly hard to jump out of bed in the morning, lack inspiration. When we forget to Pause and take a breath, things stop making sense”

This book gives you the space and the practices so that you can learn how to benefit from the power of the pause. It uses nature, creativity and your inner spirit to allow the energy to flow freely once again. There are exercises to ground you, give access to your intuition, to breathe deeply and allow your monkey mind to settle. It gives you time to explore what is big in your life right now, to know deep down what matters. It opens you up, allowing you to freely experience all the pain, the joy and the twists and turns of life. It gives you back your courage, your fire and your connection.

Separated into four sections, Danielle guides you through the Pause process, asks important life questions and holds your hand with practices for every day life. Pause provides you with an outline and structure, which you can follow or dip in and out of.



How to press pause before life does it for you

Danielle Marchant
Published by Aster
Paperback, £12.99


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