Our untapped potential


This is a guest post about taking leaps of faith, from my friend Jessica McGregor Johnson.

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Our Untapped Potential

There is a lot written about our life purpose, our untapped potential.  Problem is that sometimes, especially if we are not feeling too dynamic, this can actually make us feel even worse.  We struggle on through our challenges and feel like we are failing for not know what our life purpose is, how to unlock that nebulous ‘potential’.

I do believe that we all have an unlimited divine potential, but the key is that each and everyone’s is different.  There is no gold standard of potential for you to live up to.  For some it may mean loving and supporting happy, balanced and confident children.  For others it may mean international success.  For another it could be that their work contributes to uplifting people, either in a huge way or simply one by one.  It really does not matter what that potential is, what matters is that it feels right for you.

Over the years I have worked with a myriad of clients, each coming to me with their own questions about life, how they can improve on what they have so far created.  Many have seemed outwardly very successful but still feel that there is something missing, that they have not yet reached that point where they feel on the right track.

It is at this point that I get them to turn the spotlight from looking outwards to looking inwards.  We are taught that our fulfilment lies in outer achievement when in fact it lies within ourselves, our hearts, our soul.  In our busy world that we live in we lose touch with what is truly important to us or we get so caught up in the mechanics of living that we don’t find the time to stop and reconnect with it.

Our life’s purpose is what we say it is, there is nothing to search for outside of ourselves.  We just need to be quiet enough to hear our own message.  We need to learn to listen to our heart.  How do we do that?

Firstly learn to decipher the difference between your thoughts and your heart speaking to you.  Your mind is designed to think and doubt, trouble is that we are never taught to question our thoughts.  Because we think it, it must be true.  How often have you said that you think that you should do A but inside you are feeling that in fact B feels better?

‘Feels better’ is the clue.  Your heart will talk to you on the feeling level.  You see your mind is a great tool for rationalising anything, it can argue either way depending on your beliefs.  But your feelings will always give you a true north.  Your heart speaks to you through your feelings.

Secondly once you have learnt the difference between your mind and your heart, create the time to listen.  Your heart is always giving you guidance but sometimes it cannot get through all that noise.  If only for 15 minutes a day stop and listen.  There are many ways you can do this.  Meditation is always good.  Or if you find the idea of that a challenge simply sitting quietly is a start.  Or maybe you prefer to take a walk or listen to some beautiful music.  Whatever you do just focus on your breath.  Focusing on your breath brings you back to this present moment and it only in the present moment that you can get in touch with your heart.

I always say that you make decisions with your heart and then use your mind to action those decisions.  When you follow your heart you will be unfurling your divine potential.  Why?  Because when your heart speaks to you it is your soul communicating and that is the divine within you letting you know exactly the right direction for you.  Your life’s purpose is your heart’s desire.

The great thing about this is that it is ever expanding.  Potential is not a static goal but an unfurling, an evolution in soul terms.  Our life’s purpose will also evolve and grow and expand as we go forward.  I know this from my own life experience and from seeing others move on with their lives.  As we become more aware of our divine nature, as we learn and apply that learning, growing in wisdom, our purpose grows with us.  Our potential becomes clearer and life becomes joyous and exciting.  Unfounded fears drop away when we glimpse the possibilities.

Give yourself the gift of your own inner guidance.  Take some time starting today to listen to what your heart wants.  Not only will you be happier, more successful, and more dynamic in all that you touch but you will also be unfurling your own unlimited divine potential.

Jessica works internationally as a Coach and Speak and is also the author of “The Right T-Shirt, Write Your Own Rules and Live the Life You Want”

She helps people who are at a crossroads discover their true passions, and live them, whether it be in their work or personal life.  She works individually with people and runs workshops and retreats in the UK and Spain.  To read the first two chapters of her book you can sign up for it http://www.jessicamcgregorjohnson.com/signup.html


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