Finding freedom in truth

We often play hide and seek with ourselves. Veiling the truth with an invisible hope that doesn’t exist.

At the heart of this hope lies a knot that needs to be untied. A desire for another person or situation to change and be different, to be more than they really are. Yet when truth strikes like lightning, you can no longer pretend. Once we unveil and allow ourselves to see what was always there, we can no longer live with the lie. As much as we try to distort the truth to suit our hopes and desires, the truth is the truth.

In these moments of clarity, the desire to change the situation ceases and we realise the change is ours alone to make. Click to Tweet

When the truth lands that hard there is no choice but to listen and act accordingly.  Consciously living with a lie is as harmful as unconsciously participating in it. It hurts our hearts, lowers our self-esteem and damages our well-being.

So in the moment of truth, we get to choose if we stay or go if we remain silent or speak up or if we remain inert or act.

For me, this is the true definition of freedom.

2016 saw more truth tellers taking a stand and sharing what is real with us.

To stay informed here are three documentaries that have helped shift my perception of the truth this past year. Clicking the titles below will open a new window so you can find out more about these films:

1. Before the Flood Leonardo DiCaprio
2. HyperNormalisation Adam Curtis
3. The Coming War On China John Pilger

Let truth be your guide.



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