I am a coach, but not in the traditional sense of the word. I rarely set goals or chase outcomes.


Small steps lead to quantum leaps

I follow you rather than a process
I rely on intuition, more than models to guide us
Expect a lightness of touch that runs deep

You can trust my ten years+ experience as a coach.  I won’t try and tell you how it is for you.  I respect that you know your own answers, even when you think you don’t.

I know you don’t want to ask for help.  That you think you should have it all worked out by now.  That if you admit your fears it might mean they become real.

I know you want to get off the never-ending hamster wheel that you feel trapped on.  The constant drive, strive, eat, sleep, don’t miss a beat. Repeat.

I respect the journey you and I have been on to reach this point in time.  The triumphs and setbacks.  The gratitude and failures.  They all have a place here.

I won’t promise you a ‘quick fix’.  I believe that change takes time – except when it doesn’t.  Expect dualities, contradictions, challenge, deep listening, and a dive into the depths of who you really are and what you stand for.

I can’t promise your fears will go away, but I can promise you’ll understand them better. You’ll know why they are in your life, why ‘this’ is happening to you and what your heart is telling you to do about it.

Are you ready to take the deep dive and journey together?

  • Thao, Art Director, UK
    Danielle has a natural way of coaching and being with people. Very conscious and hugely talented.
    Thao, Art Director, UK

  • Russell, Raw Chef, UK
    I've had many coaches over the years, both business and personal and I can say Danielle is one of the most professional, present, giving and nurturing coaches I've ever worked with.

    Russell, Raw Chef, UK

  • Helen, Interior Designer, UK
    Danielle seems to have a 6th sense in her coaching. I came out with a far deeper resolution to my enquiry than I expected. I felt not only equipped to move forward, but more whole as a result of the understanding I gained. Helen, Interior Designer, UK

  • Prue, Wellness Consultant, UK
    I often describe Danielle as a world class coach as what she offers is so rare. She has an innate wisdom that intuitively reconnects your heart and soul. After a coaching call, I feel a deep sense of connection, that blissful state of coming home when you feel back on track and clear with your purpose. Prue, Wellness Consultant, UK

  • Hannah, Financial Planner, UK
    Danielle provides a healing space for transformation to occur. I always grow as a person when I have spent time with her. Hannah, Financial Planner, UK

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