Coaches: why there’s no need for you to niche
I came to coaching a different route to many coaches, establishing my own private practice ten years after I initially started coaching.

When I made the transition to private practice I got totally stuck with niching.

There’s a lot of talk, about the importance of knowing your niche.

The fear is, that in this digital era, if you don’t niche your clients can’t find you.  I was told I needed to be really specific to show up in Google searches.  The way the story was spun made it sound like I had to niche to be successful.

No niche no business.

So I niched.  For a short while, and it didn’t feel right.

It was like I was dressed up in some funny clothes that didn’t fit.  The clients who were coming to me didn’t match the niche I had chosen.  I was helping them anyway but the brand I wasn’t creating didn’t match the help I was giving.

The evidence was overwhelming – niching wasn’t for me.

I’m a coach, and yes there are a lot of us out there.  It’s easy to believe that if you go broad with your message you will be lost in a forest of trees. That you won’t be found.  I have a different perspective.  It may not be the route to building your business fast, but I believe it is a route to creating a sustainable, healthy business that has longevity.  After all isn’t that what you want?  To help more people?

Today in supervision I often coach coaches who are stuck on their niches.

Getting stuck in a detail often yet unknown.

It seems to me that this is often the first question a new coach asks themselves: ‘what kind of coach am I?’  Yet how would you know this at the start?

I believe to truly niche requires you first to coach.

Go out into the world and share the talent you have.


As you coach stay curious, notice, be aware.

  • Who comes to you?
  • Who do you love coaching?
  • Who to you fly with?
  • Where does the magic happen?

In my coaching I fly with individuals in transition. Magic happens with coaches who want to develop themselves in service of their clients.

How do I know that? Because I coach.  

I have been coaching a long time.  Almost every week for close to 2 decades.  I didn’t get this insight sitting at my desk with a blank sheet of paper wondering what my niche is.

In fact when I did that it led me up the garden path, away from my true talent.

If you know in your heart the niche that is yours, brilliant.

Go forth and shine that light brightly.

If you don’t, don’t worry.

Go out and coach anyway.

If you put your energy out, and do good work, the people who need you will find you and your destination will be revealed.

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  1. Hayley Summers

    So much love for this Danielle. Cast the net far and wide, who knows what you might catch! xxxxxx


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