When is enough, enough?…


My first coaching sessions happened 15 years ago, sat at my kitchen table speaking to executives around the world. At the time coaching as a profession was very new, and I learned my craft with every conversation as it unfolded. The great privilege of working with others is the Twin Journey you follow, and over time I discovered that the learning never ceased, and as the people I supported evolved so did I.

However, even before I began coaching, I knew I would be a psychotherapist ‘when I was older’. I began to notice a desire deepening within me to pursue my work as a way of life rather than it being separate. It seems that ‘older’ has arrived and over the summer I changed the way I worked with people. I still work as an Executive Coach with leaders in business, with individuals who want to embark on a longer term, spiritual journey. The rest of my one to one work is now weekly psychotherapy.

To acknowledge my ongoing training as a psychotherapist I considerably reduced my fees, which had an unexpected and unintended impact. So often in business, we are attempting to grow, to be bigger, better, more. Growth becomes the sole focus. We make ‘more’ mean progress and therefore it is inevitably desirable. Growth is also part of our evolutionary nature.

Yet in reducing, not just my fees but also stripping back in other areas of my life and being willing to live with less, I have been met with more. I know it is not always practical for people to make drastic moves like I sometimes do in life. I like to push boundaries and learn what happens at the edges and limits of life. I do this because my soul requires it of me and because it is where I discover how to be of service to others.

Yet most of us, if we truly looked within could say we have enough. That we are well provided for and well taken care of. That the need for more is just part of the external noise that is easy to get caught up in, in today’s modern consumerist society.

From this experience, I am left wondering what if knowing that you have enough and that you are enough could make you richer than you ever imagined?

If you would like to explore this idea further there are some journal questions below. You don’t have to answer all of these questions (they are big!) Instead see if there is one you are particularly drawn to and work with it for a while.

If you haven’t journaled before it’s simply a question of having a notebook and pen, a comfortable quiet spot and allowing yourself some time to let the question unravel on the page. The more you let yourself sink into the question without the need for the right answer the more you will be able to flow.

Here are the journal questions:

  • What sustains you from the inside?
  • What do you have that money can’t buy?
  • What is enough for you?
  • If you have enough just as things are, how would you like to spend your free time?
  • If everything was stripped away what remains?

To complete the exercise, respond to this sentence in your journal:

I am enough because…

In abundance,

PS if you would like further reading on this topic, check out Enough by John Naish.


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