Transformational Pause

Transformational Pause

A journey into your soul to awaken your hearts deepest desires 

The Transformational Pause is a 12-month journey to address all the areas of your life you have been avoiding. It’s a deep journey and an inner calling to wake up and start living again.

Sometimes you wake up and life suddenly does not make sense. At some point, you knew it was going downhill but you didn’t realise it had got this far. The issues are endless and for the first time, they feel out of your control.

Why is this happening to you? How did it get so bad? Where do you go from here? A part of you wants to walk away and start over but deep down you know that’s not possible. You have lots of responsibilities and big commitments you need to fulfill and people are relying on you to be strong, accountable and focused.

But deep down you want to run and hide. You are exhausted. You need a month’s worth of sleep just to catch up. You are emotionally tired. You are burnt out. You can’t think clearly. Life is crumbling on the inside and your body screaming “I need help” but your default reaction is to “do more” in the hope that the anxiety and inner state of panic, worry and loneliness will go away if you just did more. If you just pushed harder. If you just stayed strong.

But what you’ve been doing for the past few years hasn’t been working. You know this now. It’s time to do something different.

If you are consciously or unconsciously starting to ask “is this it? … is this all there is?” … “is this where I’m meant to end up?” … “am I going to be here doing this for the rest of my life?” … “why is this happening to me now?” … “why am I not <insert your deepest unfulfilled dream here: eg. “married with children”>” …  you are asking all the right questions.

There comes a point in every person’s life (including mine and yours) where we need to take a step back and come clean with what’s not true. What’s not true within us, what’s not true about our family, what’s not true about the work we are doing, what’s not true about society’s expectations of us and most importantly, what’s not true about the life we are living.

Life will keep sending you louder messages until you start to listen

I get your situation is really unique. It’s complex.  It’s really messy. And that you are really a private person. I also know that you are super busy and unless you schedule time in your diary for change and transformation, it won’t happen. If you don’t set time aside to look at your life and address the things you have been avoiding, they will only get worse – much worse. 

This is an invitation for you to stop hiding and to start living. An opportunity for you to unravel and untangle the messy bits you have been scared to look at, so you can find out who you are underneath the heavy responsibilities and busyness of life. Who are you with and without all the drama and chaos?

Over the course of 12 months, we will journey together and look at every aspect of your life. I will guide and hold the space for you to find the answers you are seeking.  When you want to run, I will stay with you. When you are confused, I will stay with you. When you are lost, I will stay with you.  When you don’t know the answers, I will stay with you. I will meet you as far as you are willing to go to look at your life. And I promise you, everything will change.

Designed for deep personal transformation

The Transformational Pause combines individual monthly coaching with four weekend retreats once a quarter. The retreats act as anchor points for you to dive deeply into your transformation and the ongoing coaching creates a container for the changes to occur over time.

I also limit this programme to one person a year because the depth of the work is so immense and I want to make sure you get all the individual attention and coaching you need.

I understand your situation is personal and unique so please get in touch and book a Chemistry Call. You can tell me more about your journey and ask me any questions you might have about the Transformational Pause.


  • Anu, Researcher, Singapore I love that Danielle doesn't take herself seriously but is serious about herself. Anu, Researcher, Singapore



One person per programme

Self-contained retreat cottage

Home cooked nutritious meals

Infra-Red Sauna

Steam Cabinet

Massage chair

Outdoor spa pool



Dedicated one to one coaching

Monthly sessions included

Additional sessions can be booked if required (additional charge)



2019 Applications now open

Dates and location on application



Investment £7,500

Minimum 12-month commitment
(programme can be extended beyond 12 months if desired.)

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