The Deep Pause

The Deep Pause

The Deep Pause is a sanctuary. A place you can escape when there’s nowhere else to turn.

A place for you to retreat when you feel overwhelmed, tired and alone. When you can’t figure things out any more. It doesn’t have to be dramatic. Stopping to pause isn’t failure. It’s a sign of wisdom. 

I created this place for you because it didn’t exist when I needed it. When I burned out and had no one to turn to. When I thought my life had collapsed, and I didn’t know where I had gone wrong.

I know you think your life should be amazing. That you should feel grateful for all you have.

The problem is deep inside you feel lost, unfulfilled and lonely. You think it’s your fault, that there is something wrong with you.

I want you to know that you’re OK. That the dreams you once had still live inside you. That your passion still runs deep. I want with all my heart to tell you that you no longer need to fight, and there is a way through.


There is a place you can go.
A place where you don’t have to be strong.
Where you can stop.
Let go.

The Deep Pause gives you space and time you need to just be. There are no demands. No responsibilities. Nothing you need to do, and no one you need to be there for.

The Pause is here to provide you with what you most need, when you most need it.

The beauty of The Pause is that you don’t have to change anything on the outside if you don’t want to. No big decisions are needed, there’s nothing you have to worry about here, just as you are is OK.

I know that when you leave The Deep Pause nothing will have changed on the outside, but everything will feel different on the inside. You will feel like yourself again, and you will be able to return to your everyday life with a passion you knew was yours all along.

  • Jane, Author, UK The Pause blindsided me; it snuck under my skin, slid past my very well-constructed defenses and pulled me apart (in the best possible way). Jane, Author, UK

  • Leigh, Entrepreneur, UK A 'must do' retreat for all busy people. Leigh, Entrepreneur, UK

  • Judith, MD, UK There are no expectations of you but the enlightenment is beyond expectations. Judith, MD, UK

  • Vicki, Property Investor, UK The Pause was a chance for me to remember and renew. I am leaving with a new sense of how to take care of my mind, body and spirit. Vicki, Property Investor, UK

  • Hayley, Coach, UK Danielle creates a safe, loving and nurturing environment that is unique and unparalleled. Learning to Pause has given me the foundations to grow in ways I didn't know possible. Hayley, Coach, UK

  • Fi, Stylist, UK Beautiful, unexpected and thought provoking. Fi, Stylist, UK

  • Sharon, Therapist, UK The Pause was priceless for me. I only wished I was staying longer!
    Sharon, Therapist, UK

  • Sarah, Interior Designer, UK Learning to Pause is about changing the way you live, but it's a change that is the easiest I've ever made! Sarah, Interior Designer, UK

  • Amy, Raw Chocolatier, UK It takes courage and bravery to allow a pause in your life, to open to others (and yourself); and it takes a special person to hold the space for that, Danielle is that person. Amy, Raw Chocolatier, UK


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