Instant Pause

Instant Pause

I trust that you know what to do. I also understand it can be difficult for you to make time for yourself. You’re busy being busy. That’s why I designed The Instant Pause. A one day workshop that gives you time and space to think about you and your life. One day, that makes a big impact.

The Instant Pause is structured around a process I learned over ten years ago. It is a simple process that has supported me time and time again in my life. I’ve used it at those times when I’ve felt confused, when I’ve looked in the mirror and can no longer see the real me. When my zest for life has disappeared – slipping away almost un-noticed, this process has helped me see options I didn’t know existed for myself.

It’s easy to look around and think that you’ve messed everything up. That now it just has to be this way. You think there’s no other option for you.

I want you to know that you haven’t got your life wrong. There is always a way. A way back to the adventurous, playful spirit that has always been yours. I believe every day you get to write your own story, and that it truly can be as your heart desires – fulfilling, connected, passionate, fun.

The Instant Pause helps you look back to move forwards. Creating a steady platform which you can springboard your life. It’s a day designed to bring you back into balance when you most need it.

Spending a day at The Instant Pause is like giving yourself a gift. You will leave feeling inspired, confident and clear about what’s next for you in your life.

  • Emilie, L&D, UK I really enjoyed the down time to reflect and make decisions for the year ahead and floated out of the room!! Emilie, L&D, UK

  • Sam, Blogger, UK The Instant Pause is a great way to stop, reflect and take stock of who you are, what you are doing and what you want to be doing, giving you tools and inspiration to fly. Sam, Blogger, UK

  • Catriona, Business Owner, UK I feel so much more alive. I had lost my confidence and my belief. I didn’t realise I was sleepwalking through life. Catriona, Business Owner, UK

  • Hannah, Stylist, UK The Instant Pause is a creative, inspiring and nurturing space; a potent golden capsule of time where I had the opportunity to reflect on my journey and my intentions for moving forward. Hannah, Stylist, UK

  • Laura, Health Coach, UK I really learnt a lot about how to inspire my creativity and writing through the process of experiencing the Instant Pause. Laura, Health Coach, UK

  • Kathryn, Author & Speaker, UK Very valuable to recoginise my achievements and contribution in life to my family, business and friendships.
    Kathryn, Author & Speaker, UK

  • Claire, HR Manager, UK This workshop opened my eyes, I’ve learned to go with my heart and not to miss a moment.
    Claire, HR Manager, UK

  • Mary, Lawyer, UK We all intend to 'pause' but it more than often slips off the ever growing to do list. This day ensures you do it, but in a relaxed, gentle and beautifully guided environment. Mary, Lawyer, UK

  • Sadie, Executive Assistant, UK I felt uncertainty about the next year, this workshop helped me to take time out to look ahead and gain perspective.
    Sadie, Executive Assistant, UK

  • Marianne, Designer, Switzerland I had a delicious day at the Instant Pause and feel inspired, calm and connected at the end of the day. Marianne, Designer, Switzerland

  • George, IT Consultant, Singapore The Instant Pause really had an impact on me and honestly I feel like I have just got back from a two week vacation! Fantastic and unexpected. George, IT Consultant, Singapore

  • Avni, Osteopath, UK A wonderful, fun, emotive and grounded day. I loved the structure and flow. Avni, Osteopath, UK

  • Emma, Business Owner, New Zealand This workshop has allowed me to see a bigger picture, past, present and future. I learned that I have experienced a lot of change, it's now time to embrace it!
    Emma, Business Owner, New Zealand


Anu Shroff

Anu Shroff


Hello, I am Anu. One of my biggest passions is to help people clarify and achieve their life goals or support them through an issue they are facing. I have been fortunate enough to have felt the power of coaching and want to share this experience with as many people as I can. I will walk along side you and gently support you in your own journey of discovery and learning.

Elizabeth Stewart

Elizabeth Stewart


At the heart of the work I do is one thing. Illuminating Potential. Enabling people to be the best version of themselves, whatever they want that to be. I like to work in a dynamic, creative and holistic way whether that be as a Coach, Facilitator, Supervisor or Mentor. It is an honour to create deep trust with a fellow human being and be able to utilise my intuition, working with you in a sanctuary of reflection.

Sarah Madisson

Sarah Madisson


I have spent much of my work helping people grow whether they be children, teenagers or adults. After a brief ‘detour” into the financial sector, I went back to my first love, music. For the last 12 years I have been coaching and training managers and directors within the corporate world. Outside of that world I design programmes using music to understand how we communicate, empathise, and show up as human beings and leaders.

Weaving through all of the above is a long journey of finding balance in my life after being brought to an abrupt stop with ‘burnout’ 15 years ago. Finding balance is for me not a destination but a continuous journey of noticing and course correcting as I attempt to flow through life with a bit more ease and resourcefulness. Running the Instant Pause is a beautiful way for me to do that for myself and for others.

Vix Anderton

Vix Anderton



10 am – 5pm
Lunch and snacks included


28th March 2020

Uncommon Borough, London

Led by Danielle North


27th June 2020

Uncommon Fulham, London

Led by Sarah Madisson


26th September 2020

Uncommon Liverpool St, London

Led By Danielle North


28th November 2020

Uncommon Borough, London

Led by Sarah Madisson




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