How to naturally reduce stress at work

Your guide to naturally reducing stress at work

Nature is not square

There is nothing perfectly geometrical in our universe, which means perfect squares don’t exist in Nature. The closest nature comes to creating cubes are the intricate structures that form crystals. Originating in mathematics, squares, cubes, and corners are a man-made concept.

Our early forms of shelter were often circular or dome-shaped, such as tipis, igloos, kivas, and yurts. Later, more complex structures such as amphitheaters and coliseums continued with this natural circular form. It is even said that the curvature designed into the faces of the Great Pyramid exactly matches the radius of the earth (but don’t ask me to do the math!)

So the reality that we spend so much of our day at work sitting at rectangular desks, in cubicles, in square shaped buildings, seems to be an unnatural predicament for humans to find themselves in. Of course, when something has become so normal, we no longer pause to consider the peculiarity of this, let alone consider if it has any effect on our well being, or if it causes us to feel stress at work.

Unexpected causes of stress at work

Even if you don’t think working in a man-made box causes you to feel stress at work, what about the artificial environment that exists within it? So often the conversation about morale, well being and reducing stress at work either centres around leadership and culture, or flexible working and benefits, all of which are of course relevant and important. When the physical environment is considered in an effort to reduce stress at work, it is usually ideas like chill out spaces, creative zones and open kitchens that are brought to life, but often we can miss the very simple things that are straight in front of us, that can be contributing to our stress at work, every single moment, of every day.

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Think about it for a moment…

Fluorescent lighting, climate control, noise pollution, toxic chemicals from plastics and printer inks, constant streams of incoming data all quickly build up stress in our systems.

In addition to this, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) emitted from sources of technology including microwaves, televisions, wireless devices, smartphones, Apple watches, and computers all adds up to a background ‘electrosmog’ that passes through the body.

Electromagnetic radiation penetrates not just our organs and cells but our bones as well. When these electromagnetic waves pass through the body, they generate an electrical current inside you. As the body relies on electrical impulses for many functions (including thinking, muscle movement, and heartbeat) EMF can interfere with your body’s natural, biological processes. Sometimes the body uses these EMF for healing or pain relief, but excessive EMF exposure can lead to:

  • Foggy thinking
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Heart palpitations
  • Sleep disturbances

As well as EMF, we are ‘children of the sun,’ that’s not meant to be a hippy-dippy statement, it’s the truth. Our bodies are governed by circadian rhythms, which tell us when to sleep and when to wake, taking cues from our natural environment, such as temperature and sunlight. These rhythms are affected by a lack of natural daylight, and any movement away from your body’s natural rhythms will be a cause of stress for your system.

How to naturally reduce stress at work 

Most of us don’t get to choose where we show up for work each day. If you think your office environment is contributing to your stress levels, here are some simple things you can do to reduce stress at work, by naturally energising your office environment:


Remember those invisible EMF’s and air pollutants? These can be combatted with some simple tools that will help neutralise the space:

  • Green Plants

Green plants will purify the air around you. Put them on your desk, on top of filing cabinets, on bookcases, and in windows. Plants that will work hard in the office environment without needing excess TLC include the Spider Plant, English Ivy, Lemon Balm and Golden Pothos.

  • Salt rock lamps

Plug in a salt lamp which not only gives a comforting warm glow, but the ions will also help decrease air pollution and electrosmog.

  • Orgonite

Orgone energy was observed by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich in the 1920’s. In his research, he discovered certain materials attracted and held Orgone energy, and certain other materials attracted and repelled it. Reich believed that the key to physical and mental health was the balance of this orgone energy. Orgonite is made based on Reich’s theory and is created in a 50:50 ratio from metal shavings (which repels energy) suspended in a resin (which holds energy). Orgonite is said to balance the electrical signals around the body and restore harmony in our environment. OK, so I get this might sound strange so trust me on this one! Pop some Orgonite on your desk and next to any wireless devices you have, even if you are sceptical about how it works, it will at least make an interesting and practical paperweight!


Now that you have begun to neutralise the environment the next step is to recharge it, any of the following items will help lift and energise your workspace:

  • Space mists 

Space mists are sprays which contain diluted herbs and essential oils which can recharge the atmosphere around you. Try Palo Santo mist for clarity, inner vision, and expansiveness, or the brilliant Australian Bush Flower Essences Space Clearing Mist for clearing the air (and your heart) after a tense exchange.

  • Crystals 

There are many powerful crystals, some to get you started are Hematite, Rose Quartz or Black Tourmaline are all excellent for rebalancing and protecting your space. You can keep them on your desk or if you don’t want people to know you use crystals, you can have smaller, palm-sized crystals and keep them in your pocket.

  • Essential oils

Small bottles of essential oils are perfect to keep in your briefcase or drawer at work. If your space allows you to have a diffuser then that would give maximum benefits. Otherwise, simply open the bottle and breathe in the scent. Peppermint will help with clarity and focus, Spearmint is good for speaking your truth, and Bergamot is beautifully uplifting and dissipates anxious feelings.


To take this approach to a more advanced level you can also look at supplements to support your physical system.

  • Extracts

Oil of oregano extract or olive leaf extract can be taken to strengthen your immune system.

  • Tinctures

Milk Thistle tincture can support your liver to detox.

  • Vitamins

Vitamin D is often needed in countries where sunlight hours decrease. Take drops for maximum benefits.


Sometimes stress at work requires instant relief, here are some powerful and instant stress relief remedies:

  • Origins Peace of Mind is an absolute favourite for a painkiller free headache remedy! It provides on the spot relief – apply directly to your forehead, temples, and neck (but make sure you avoid your eyes). This is also a good travel companion.
  • Bush Flower Emergency Essence or Bach Rescue Remedy can be used in a crisis. Try a few drops of one of these emergency essences under your tongue or in some water.
  • Lavender oil can be rubbed directly onto your palms and inhaled for instant inner calm.

There is so much that you can do to reduce stress at work naturally, by energising your office environment. Even choosing one or two of these tips will go a long way.

Let me know in the comments box below if you have any questions, or if you have any additional ideas to that you know really work.

Be well,


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    I always have a headache ecause of stress and maybe the best things I do is to to have a green plants and just relax for a meninute

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    Maybe I should try some type of gemstone


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