How to consciously begin your year (Part 3 of the New Year transition series)


This is part three of a multipart series on how to consciously transition into the new year.  

Last January I was running a workshop, and the group sighed a huge sigh of relief when I told them that they didn’t need to have their plans for the year ahead fully formed. There is a weight of expectation at the beginning of January, where the calendar has flipped over, and a ‘fresh start’ has begun. Yet the reality is that there is often a void during January.  A space in which a transition has yet to fully emerge, and as one year comes to an end and the new one begins, you may experience what is known as a ‘little death’.

The end of the year signifying a transition into the beginning of something as yet unknown.

You may be relieved to see the year behind you, exhaling and glad you survived, readily embracing the space ahead.  Or you may still be holding on to events and experiences that shaped you in the past year (or even years before).  You may have had a wonderful year that you don’t want to let go of, or have something looming in the year ahead that you don’t wish to face yet.

Wherever you are is OK – there’s no particular place you should be, remember Part 1 of the series, the end of the year is simply a man-made construct based on the solar calendar (one revolution of the Earth around the sun).

A second start

However, because so many people acknowledge this new beginning, it does bring with it opportunities for shedding and renewal.  The energy of so many people believing this is a fresh start cannot be ignored, and collectively we feel this.  It becomes a chance for you to create clean endings and fresh beginnings.  However, it helps to know that they don’t need to be immediate.  After all the Lunar New Year which marks the start of a new lunar cycle, (based on the closest new moon to the beginning of Spring), falls between January 21st and February 21st each year.  I like to see this as a second start!

Clean endings lead to new beginnings 

In the space leading up to and during the lunar new year, I believe that conscious completions can facilitate a powerful transition.  So as the sun sets on one year and a new year dawns, I have some practices that will support you to consciously begin your year.  This will be perfect preparation for the start of the lunar new year.

Choose one practice a week to help you consciously begin your year

  • Practice #1 Apology

Is there anything lingering that requires you to clean up?
The Ho’opononono is perfect for an energetic apology and is very healing. You can say it before you go to bed (or at any other time of the day!) The other person doesn’t need to be present you can simply imagine them in your mind.  The words for this powerful, healing ritual are:

I am sorry.
Please forgive me.
I love you.
Thank you.

Click the link below for a free recording of the Ho’opononono process

  • Practice #2 Let go

Who are you holding onto that no lingers serves you?
Write a letter (this is not a letter you send!) Pour in the feelings and express what you are holding onto and why it is time to let go. Tell them everything you wish you could have shared. How much you loved them, how much pain was caused between you. What it all meant to you. Ask for and offer forgiveness. Then when you are ready you can ceremoniously burn your letter.

  • Practice #3 Declutter

As the decorations come down it’s time to have a clean sweep. Take some time to observe your physical space. What would other people see if they came into your space, what information would it give them about you? What do you love most about your space? Where does the energy feel stagnant? Remember to take into account what is in drawers and cupboards, even if you can’t see things, knowing there is hidden clutter can cause energy leaks.

  • Practice #4 Tidy up

This is different to decluttering.  This is all about finishing those admin tasks that are draining your energy. Pay any outstanding bills. File any papers. Return anything you borrowed this year. Open that savings account.  Book your dental check ups.  Change electricity provider.  Make a list and consciously tidy up.

  • Practice #5 Delete

Now is a great time to delete any unnecessary emails and folders in your inbox. If your desktop looks like a kaleidoscope of files get rid of them. Delete any services you no longer need. Delete any duplicate social media accounts that may have crept in, and if you have multiple email addresses review them to see if any can be removed.  I love Unroll Me to deal with email subscriptions.

In the final blog of this four-part series, I’ll tell you how to give yourself a spiritual power boost after all that letting go!

With love,

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