World feeling wonky? Maybe it’s Mercury Retrograde

A couple of years ago I received a letter from a hospital, it read:

I am writing to you regarding Mr A Little’s stored sperm samples. We are currently auditing Mr Little’s file; since you were the named partner in his consent form we would like your consent for disposal of his samples.

That’s a true story! I stopped in my tracks, wondering for a moment what an earth was going on.

I’ve never visited this hospital, have no idea who Mr Little is, and certainly never consented to freezing his sperm!

Then I smiled, Mercury was in retrograde.

I reflected on those past couple of weeks.

Even my most regular clients had been rescheduling and changing coaching sessions, and the usual 4 hour train journey from Reading to Cornwall turned into an epic 9.5 hour adventure.  The train manager even apologised for the “magical mystery tour” he was taking us on!


What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury retrograde happens three or four times each year – for those of you who follow astrology, I know it can often seem much more frequent!  Mercury was known as the Roman messenger to the Gods. During a period of retrograde, Mercury, planet of communication, information and trade, slows down creating the illusion that it is travelling backwards.

This year (2016) this began on January 6th and will continue through until January 26th.

This month I have experienced multiple mishaps with a new mobile phone, and even as I write this blog all sorts of strange things keep happening (please forgive any mistakes!) This all makes more sense when you know that Mercury is the planet of communication.  This can be a time of delays in travel, IT melt downs and many mis-understandings.

Mercury is also known as the trickster, so whilst most of the mishaps we experience are more inconveniences than major problems, we are being called at this time to have a sense of humour whilst the general order and flow is disturbed.

However, while the general day to day communications can feel wonky, this is a time for deeper reflection and intuition.

Mercury retrograde was once described to me like this:

Imagine all of the mundane communications that fly around the world, do so on a horizontal plane.  This includes our emails, phone calls, bank transfers etc.

During Mercury Retrograde the focus changes from horizontal to vertical communication.  

Vertical communication includes our prayers, intuition and channeling.  During Mercury Retrograde we have a more direct connection with divine or the Universe, but this is at the expense of normal order to our horizontal communications!

During this time of reflection let go of how travel, technology and communication “should be”.  Accept the mess trickster enjoys making with a smile rather than a fight.  


Some tips to help you flow during Mercury Retrograde

  • Keep breathing and smiling through the mishaps!
  • Respond more generously to misunderstandings
  • Avoid being impulsive
  • Back up your technology (before mercury retrograde is better!)
  • Practice patience
  • Meditate
  • Clear out clutter
  • Pray
  • Complete projects you had already started
  • Set your intentions and manifestations clearly
  • Give yourself extra time when you travel
  • Be more mindful of synchronicities
  • Be aware of the dreams you have at night and the messages they contain


2016 dates for your diary

This year mercury retrograde will be on the following dates:

  • January 6th – January 26th
  • April 29th – May 23rd
  • August 31st – September 23rd
  • December 20th – January 9th

There is an emphasis on earth signs in mercury retrograde this year, so during these times you may experience a voice of reason pushing you towards logical thinking and clear decision making.

My astrologer Gahl Sasson writes:

Here we go again! Mercury Retro – Back up your computers, avoid signing documents.  Great time to do anything that starts with RE as in reavaluate, reignite, reform, rejoice, regain, redo, reconnect, rewrite, reform.

So if your world feels wonky right now, it probably is!

Enjoy the ride…




2 Responses to “World feeling wonky? Maybe it’s Mercury Retrograde”

  1. Nicola

    Dear Danielle, I loved reading this. I looked back at my January – my car broke down multiple times, my phone broke and I had to send it in to be repaired, my bike had a flat tyre too – I saw it all as signs to slow down and take some time to myself as every form of communication and travel I had had stopped working. Here’s to more “re-time” 🙂 Take care, thank you for your lovely blogs x

    • Danielle Marchant

      ‘Re-time’ what a great phrase Nicola! I’m glad you were able to spot the signs – sometimes life isn’t so subtle is it? Appreciate you reading and commenting x


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