What if you know all you need to know?

Do you ever think you need to know more?

That no matter how much you have studied, and no matter how hard you have tried to locate them, the answers to your big life questions seem to be beyond your grasp.

We live in an information age, surrounded by a wealth of knowledge. It’s a time when we have access to free, uncensored, instantaneous information and we have an insatiable appetite for it.

Yet in the quest for answers, it’s easy to miss the most valuable source of information you have: your own inner wisdom. Intuition is easily accessible but how often do you by-pass it without a second glance? You’re not alone, so many of us these days prefer to forge forward on an outward search for meaning, rather than pausing to hear the wisdom we have within.


Be your own guide

I believe in this information age it is crucial you become your own source of knowledge. The irony is, the more you tune into the noise around you, the more difficult it is to become your own intuitive guide. That’s because you need a certain amount of clear space within you for your intuition to bubble to the surface.


How does intuition show up?

Sometimes you will hear this wisdom as a quiet whisper deep within. A call from inside. The part of you that knows the truth but is afraid to listen in. The part of you that knows that your health needs your attention now, that it’s time to end a toxic relationship, or the part of you that knows exactly how you could express your creativity.

Other times this wisdom hits in a heartbeat, seemingly from nowhere at all. You know right there and then what is needed, what you must do, how you must act. It’s unquestionable, undeniable.

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How can you listen to your intuition?

Here are three tips to help you slow down and tune into your intuition:

  • Keep tuning into to whispers inside

If you hear a whisper, a voice, a feeling in the pit of your stomach… trust it. We often override these feelings as worries or pieces of insignificant information, but after a while you may come to realise this isn’t the case. The next time you hear a whisper or have a rush of feeling don’t push it aside. Give it a little room to work itself out and show you its card. Then make your decision and choices with that as a strong guide.

  • Pay attention to strange coincidences

Albert Einstein once said, “Coincidence is god’s way of remaining anonymous”. I like this theory, although I know it’s not one logically we can prove or disprove. What I do know is that there is something to be gained from somewhat strange coincidences that can spark a feeling inside of you, or seem too weird to really be happening. If this stirs a strong or repetitive feeling or voice, listen to it.

  • Respond to the unexpected with curiosity

Sometimes your gut likes to pop up and lead you to things that you don’t necessarily understand at first. Drawn to something? Think about why… what is your intuition trying to tell you? Respond with curiosity, and by that I mean don’t try to control what’s happening. Just flow and play with it!

Enjoy following your intuition.

With love,



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