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You are always coaching. Even when you’re not coaching.

The life of a coach isn’t always easy. There are thousands of us out there. All wanting to make a difference in the world. All deeply inspired to help people become happier, healthier, wealthier.

Yet, we often neglect ourselves. In our burning desire to help people, we often underpay ourselves. We undervalue our contribution. Sometimes we even forget we are running a coaching business.

It’s ok, I was there once too. Truth is, most coaches aren’t taught how to run a business – I wasn’t either. And the skill set isn’t quite the same. I’ve learnt they are both equally important if you want to create a sustainable lifestyle coaching and making a difference to people.

But being a coach and developing business skills isn’t quite enough. I’m being honest here. There is third ingredient, a pillar that is essential if you truly want to grow your coaching business and make a difference in the world.

It’s your our ability to be coached.

The depth of your client work and the transformations they experience directly correlates to your own personal growth. It’s a simple equation that is often overlooked in coach training. The deeper you can go within yourself the deeper your clients can go.

You can’t take someone anywhere you haven’t been yourself. So, do you want to go deeper with your clients? Bigger breakthroughs? Life changing transformations? More high end referrals? Want to grow your business organically? Well, let’s start right here, right now. Here are some of my most loved techniques I’ve used to go deeper in my coaching and grow my business.

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