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International board level executive coach, consultant and facilitator, with more than 10 years experience working with leaders in 20 different countries.

Clients Include

Fonterra HSBC IHG Tesco Kraft Foods Cadbury

I’ve spent over 10 years working in the corporate world.  I’ve walked the walk and talked the talk.  I spent 3 years working in Asia setting up a pioneering coaching company and award winning change management consultancy; and have been running my own business for over 4 years.

Culturally the UK and Asia are so different and yet, companies across the globe want the same thing. They want more out of their leadership team, so the leaders can motivate their staff, so they can generate more profits.

I get it. There is nothing wrong with that.

I actually love working with executive leaders because they have the opportunity to impact so many lives when they have a paradigm shift or breakthrough in their coaching.

That’s why I believe to be a great executive coach, you need more than ‘coaching skills’.

You need a background in organisational culture so you understand the different types of company structures that exist in different cultures and understand how one shift in the foundation (or leadership), can impact the rest of the business.

I bring a solid systems thinking background, years of change management experience and blend it with a deep understanding of the psychology of human development. I understand how people reach different stages of their life and how coaching can help people move to the next level.

The impact of this highly tailored intervention is improved performance through people, increased discretionary effort of teams, individual and team career progression and a greater balance at a time when demands on leaders are ever increasing.

  • Neeta O’Keeffe – Coach, UK
    Danielle works gently but powerfully! It’s a beautiful mix of head and heart. She helped me to look deeper within myself, to truly see who I am and then made sure I focused on the steps I needed to take on my journey Neeta O’Keeffe – Coach, UK

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How does it work?

We schedule a 50 minute Skype or in person conversation. We go through what’s going on in your business and what’s going on personally and I start coaching. It’s that simple and there is no on going commitment.

How much does it cost?

It’s £150 for the chemistry call. As much as I would love to do chemistry calls for free, as a fellow coach and practitioner, you know it’s not physically or financially viable. You probably also know, a lot of the ‘work’ gets done in the first session. Book a session by filling in this form:

Top Ten FAQ's

1. Who do you work with? Senior leaders in multinational companies, and CEO’s of SME’s.

2. What’s the first step? We have an initial conversation to understand your needs, then I scope out a bespoke proposal for you.

3. What happens next? Once you sign off the proposal, we have an initial strategy session and get started on your current business challenge.

4. What if I’m overseas? I work with many leaders overseas via Skype. If I have plans to travel to your country I will let you know so we can arrange to meet.

5. Do you use any models / process? Sometimes, but mainly we will operate from a place of active enquiry. This means I follow you so that you can uncover what is next in your developmental journey.

6. What happens between sessions? This is where much of the coaching comes to life. You continue your enquiry, experiment, try things out, reflect, and apply your learning’s.

7. How do you measure results? Purely through the experiences you have, the changes you choose to make and the way you describe you feel about the process.

8. What do you help leaders achieve? Anything linked transition, from preparing for your next role, to a complete organisational culture change.

9. Can coaching work for me? Absolutely, if you are open to working with an experienced coach you can definitely become more conscious and aligned as a leader, and in your personal life if you desire as well.

10. Do you work with teams as well as individual leaders? Yes, I do facilitate team sessions; please get in touch for more details.