Coaching For Coaches

You are always coaching.
Even when you’re not coaching.

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3 key pillars to running a successful coaching business

Your coaching skills

The more personal awareness you have, the more accurate your intuition

Your business skills

The more you understand how business works, the more more people you can help

Your ability to be coached

The deeper you can go in your own transformations, the deeper your clients can go

This is the conscious coaching aspect of my business.

What do I mean by that?

It’s designed specifically for people who work in a field where they are actively helping others with their mind, body, health and wellbeing.

It’s designed for coaches, therapists, healers and practitioners – who are always coaching in some form or another.

You may not be an ‘active coach’ and you may not call yourself a coach.

But, your role involves facilitating change, healing and transformation. When people work with you, their lives are healthier, more balanced and they have a deeper understanding and awareness of themselves.

So why have I separated this part of my coaching business?

Because you are different.

You already have a deep sense of awareness of yourself. You already have a bucketload of tools and resources that can help you through life’s challenges.

But there are times, like everyone else, when your ‘stuff’ gets in the way. And naturally when you are triggered, it’s hard to see things clearly.

I get it. But I also get you have the capacity and awareness to move through your stuff at lightning speed.

You understand how coaching works and you are willing to drop deep, integrate the learning and move on.

Want to find out more about how I work? If you’re coaching with me for the first time you can book a chemistry call.

  • Catarina, Coach, Brazil
    One of the best investments in my life.
    Catarina, Coach, Brazil

  • Liz, Coach & Supervisor, UK
    Danielle operates with an empathic stillness that can be touching and challenging. Liz, Coach & Supervisor, UK

  • Jessica, Coach, Spain
    Danielle is an intuitive coach. She listens with a light touch and with just one sentence the light came on, something within me relaxed and I could see a way forward. Jessica, Coach, Spain

  • Cynthia, Executive Coach, Hong Kong
    Danielle is a gifted coach with great listening and deep empathy, a great coach to other coaches. Cynthia, Executive Coach, Hong Kong

  • Neeta, Coach, UK
    Danielle works gently but powerfully, with a beautiful mix of head and heart. She helped me to look deeper within myself, to truly see who I am and then made sure I focused on the steps I needed to take on my journey. Neeta, Coach, UK

  • Sarah, Coach & Consultant, UK
    Danielle works with incredible integrity, compassion and gentleness; however she still manages to pack a punch in her challenges. She works seamlessly with her skills and intuition to create authentic and powerful shifts with her clients. Sarah, Coach & Consultant, UK

  • Azul, Facilitator, UK
    Danielle held space for me, which took me to a depth I had not met before. I was able to release lies and pain, and reconnect to what is the truth and most precious to me. Azul, Facilitator, UK

  • Tala, Coach, Singapore
    I have chosen Danielle as my coach not for her 'program' but for the person that she is. She is not only an excellent coach but a true healer. Tala, Coach, Singapore

  • Jo, Counsellor & Coach, UK
    Danielle has a natural talent for working with people in a way that is truly inspiring. She demonstrates the perfect balance between challenge and nurture. Jo, Counsellor & Coach, UK

  • Ray, Executive Coach, Thailand
    Enthusiastic and captivating! Ray, Executive Coach, Thailand

Book A Chemistry Call

How does it work?

We schedule a 50 minute Skype or in person conversation. We go through what’s going on in your business and what’s going on personally and I start coaching. It’s that simple and there is no on going commitment.

How much does it cost?

It’s £150 for the chemistry call. As much as I would love to do chemistry calls for free, as a fellow coach and practitioner, you know it’s not physically or financially viable. You probably also know, a lot of the ‘work’ gets done in the first session.