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Are you ready to expand your capacity to work with people?

As a practitioner of people, either a people leader in business, a coach or facilitator, you know the importance of constantly evolving your own personal development. You’ve already dived deep into your personal development, and yet you know there’s more…

You know that there are realms you haven’t yet touched in your work. Places you could go that sometimes feel just beyond your grasp. A way of being with another person that doesn’t require you to try too hard, or to know all of the answers. A ways of being with another that allows them to grow and develop at their own pace in their own time.

We know that as an experienced people practitioner, you already have the skills and tools you need (even if you think you need more!), so at this weekend retreat we offer you a unique learning experience designed to grow your capacity to work with people, rather than giving you more tools and skills.

This is not a regular retreat. If horizontal learning is about tools and skills, then this a vertical learning experience, focussed on expanding your awareness, connection and capacity. We assume you naturally have the skills you need to be alongside another person, such as listening and empathy. We build on what you already naturally have, using different modalities that touch mind, body and spirit.

It is advanced work, for those who want to advance their practice. You’ll know if you’re ready because you will feel a mix of excitement in your belly and a healthy degree of anticipation for the adventure into the unknown.

Here are some of the modalities we use during the weekend retreat:


Harthill’sLeadership Development Framework is used to explore coaching from the mind perspective. Giving you clarity on your own personal development journey,  and enabling you to understand where others may be in their journey and how you respond to this in your work with others.


Breathwork and drumming are introduced to allow you a space to explore the power of transformation and change beyond the mind and through the body.


Qi Gong and meditation are practiced during the retreat to enable you to connect more fully to energy and the greater forces around you.


If you would like to expand your capacity, join me on 6th– 8th September 2019.

Please email for more information.

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