Work life balance: does it exist?

Essentials of lifeOften we can feel there is more work than life, that there is no balance between the two.

This week I have been running an extended five day Deep Pause at Waterloo Farm in Cornwall.

It has been magical.

The people, the connection, the unravelling – not to mention the food, location and weather.  All have been stunning!

When I set the context of the retreat I share two things:

The first is that I don’t have ‘Pausing’ down to a fine art myself yet.

The second is that the perfect work life balance we strive for doesn’t exist.

Life is messier than that.

To not accept this is can be painful

It leaves us striving for a perfection that doesn’t actually exist.

My experience is that sometimes we have to be out of balance to learn.

My work got so out of balance a few years ago, and I burned myself out – it was transformational.

I learned much about myself, other people and my life.

In fact The Pause was born from that experience!

If I had been in balance (if that even exists!) I would have missed so much.

I’m not suggesting you need to reach the point of burn out.

What I am saying is this:

“Trying to attain the perfect balance is setting yourself up for failure.” Click to tweet

Please know that life is messy, unbalanced and chaotic.  Then learn how to best support and ground yourself given that reality.

I’ve found that it’s often the simple things that support us most.  Here are some of our favourite things from The Pause:

  • Good food – feed yourself well
  • Quality time – connect at a heart level
  • Have fun – let your hair down, it doesn’t need to be so serious!
  • Get creative – paint, write, draw let your inner child play
  • Let nature hold you – walk in the grass, sit by a tree, be near water
  • Breathe – when all else fails remember to breathe!

I’m off to Glastonbury this weekend where I’m planning to do all of these things.  Pausing isn’t always about being still and quiet, although sometimes that is what is needed.  Pausing is all about giving yourself what you need to help you thrive in the messiness of life.

Have a great weekend!

With love,






2 Responses to “Work life balance: does it exist?”

  1. Amy

    I love the way that you write so simply, but so profoundly. You have a way of touching me every time, Danielle. Thank you x

    • Danielle Marchant

      Thank you Amy, looking forward to your guitar playing doing the same! x


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