Times they are a-changin’

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A dear friend used to say that life would never be the same whenever I uttered the words; “I have an idea…”

Well I have an idea!

I want to share more of myself with you, be more vulnerable and be more authentic.

This is new to me and I am learning as I go.

When Enabling Evolution was born in February 2012, it rose from the ashes of a deeply sad ending.

Letting go of a vision, and community that I had poured my soul into for a number of years was painful, messy and rocked me to the core.

I couldn’t see it at the time, but life is beautiful in its design.

I’d already ‘done’ the corporate career.

Spent a deluded period of studying to be a Marine Biologist (sometimes you just have to check these things out!)

Going back to an office filled me with dread.

There really was no other option but to make the leap and set up my own coaching practise.

So there I was, bare, vulnerable, just me; a coach with a magic touch.

I took the plunge and Enabling Evolution came into being.

When I look at what I have created so far I am immensely proud, yet it feels incongruent.

When I read my website, blog, Facebook page, I realise in my vulnerability in those early days I created a mask.

I believe my business is simply an expression of myself.

What I am learning is with that expression comes both the light and dark side of my personality.

My warmth, love and open-hearteness clashes with the desire to be perfect, which in turns holds me back from the rawness being expressive.

My courage and strength blends with my fear of asking for help, putting more stress and strain on myself as I go it alone unnecessarily.

At the time Enabling Evolution began I was feeling scared, and in my tentativeness I created what I thought the world would want, rather than being true to myself.

What this means is amongst the beauty there is a harder, professional edge rather than a softness, depth, power and authenticity that I know to be me.

Enabling Evolution has just turned two.

What a difference that time makes!

I feel more settled and grounded now.

I am more confident and at peace.

So today, to quote Bob Dylan: “Times they are a-Changin.”

Enabling Evolution will continue to exist as my corporate consultancy and executive coaching business.

You will see Enabling Evolution get rebranded later in the year.

I’ve stopped posting on the Enabling Evolution Facebook page for now as my corporate clients don’t hang out there very much.

You will see a new brand emerge over the next six weeks called “Life By Danielle”.

It will be the home for the areas of my work and life that make my heart sing.

There will be a new website (I know I’ve been promising it for a long time!), and you will now find me on social media as lifebydanielle

At Life By Danielle expect to find:

  • The Pause
  • Transformational personal coaching
  • Coaching hints and tips for coaches
  • Deep dives in matters of the heart
  • My loves: food, photography, life

In the future Life By Danielle will grow and develop as I do.

I don’t know what that looks like yet but expect the unexpected!

I would love to hear your comments and reflections.  

Please do share with me what you would most want to read about here, in this shared and sacred space.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me this far.

I’m really looking forward to sharing the next phase of the adventure with you!

Much love, Danielle xx


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  1. hannahfoxley

    Love, love, love. Just so you.


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