Ten tools to build your business

Tools to build your businessI have just returned from holiday and dived straight back into work.

Life as an entrepreneur often moves at frantic pace.  There’s a buzz that comes from juggling so many different roles, ideas and activities in a day.

I was reflecting this week on the tools and technologies I use to help me run my business.

I thought I would share with you the top ten that make my life easier!

1. WordPress – I love that I have a fabulous, free blog that I am able to write to you every week.  It’s quick. simple and there are many templates to choose from to suit your brand.

2. Evernote – Flashes of inspiration can come at any moment!  I use Evernote to jot them down.  Advice from friends, cool new apps, blog ideas, shopping lists, inspiring quotes.  Evernote syncs between my phone and laptop and it’s so good I use it every day.

3. Mailchimp – This is a great tool to build an email list in the early days of your business growth.  It is low cost and I just purchase pre paid credits to send my mail shots.  As your business and list grows Infusionsoft is the next step up.

4. Shutterstock – This is a library of royalty free, stock images that you can purchase for use in blogs, on social media, newsletters, brochures and so on.  Quick and simple to use, I only buy medium sized JPGS not vector images.  This is an extra link to a fab site offering free images for commercial use – thank you Bells Design!

5. Skype – I can’t run my business without it!  Yes it can be unstable at times which is annoying, but I have been using Skype to coach clients for years, and it is THE tool that allows me to have a portable, global small business.

6. Podio – This is a project management and CRM system that lets you custom build your own apps to suit your needs.  I love the forms I can send from Podio to gather information prior to workshops.

7. Xero – Money matters, and Xero helps me manage the financial health of the business better.

8. Unroll me – a super simple tool for managing your email subscriptions.  Well worth using to clean up your inbox!

9. Instaquote – Create your own inspiring quotes with this app on the iPhone.  After all who doesn’t love some inspiration from time to time?

10. Leadpages – I am just learning about this tool, which can be used to build simple sales pages that are integrated to existing sites.  What’s not to like?!

I hope that gives you some great tools for your business.  If I’ve missed your favourite business building tool or tip then please let me know in the comments box below!

Love Danielle xx

Photography credit: Ryan McGuire


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