Re-evaluating life after death

Coping with griefI took an impromptu day off yesterday.

I visited one of my healers to release a story I was caught up in.

I found a meandering cliff path I hadn’t walked before. I let my feet carry me in the direction my body wanted to go.

I walked on the beach, watching shadowy ships hang on the horizon, shrouded in fog.

The rain fell as I sipped peppermint tea in a beach cafe.

I remembered.

I remembered a conversation I had many times with Hannah as she came to grips with dying.

The message was often the same:

“If you can’t choose how to live your life now, then when can you?” Click to Tweet

I wondered…

How much were these words meant for me.

How much more could I engage with life. What would it look like if I fully said “yes”?

Hannah died on Monday.

The grief is still fresh.

Yesterday I lived just as I wanted.

Nothing else really matters.

The do to list.

The laundry.

The emails backing up.

I let it all go.

I’m not able to find the words yet to write about this.  Maybe I never will.  For now I’m dealing with the grief.

My friend Kristie specialises in grief.  She supports people to positively change their experience of the loss of a loved one.  Her blog says what I know to be true in my heart about Hannah’s death. You can read it here.

I’m truly grateful for all of your love sent via texts, emails and messages on Facebook.

For now I’m going to grieve privately. I’m sure you will understand.

I’m taking a few days away from social media.

Time to be with me. My feelings. My memories.

With love Danielle xx

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