Let me flow


Let me flow.

It’s not a static thing you can learn.

You can’t work it out.

  • Just let me flow.

Sometimes it will be one way.

Other times it won’t.

Sometimes this way, sometimes that.

Being OK with that is accepting me for me.

You’re my riverbank.

Supporting.  Holding.

Structured, strong and firm.

  • Let me flow.

I’m spontaneous, decisions based on how I feel, in this moment.

Right here.  Right now.

It’s rarely planned.

That’s how my river flows.

Instinct and intuition guide me.

They’re rarely wrong.

To trust that is to trust me.

  • Let me flow.

I have a deep desire to talk.

To understand what’s in the space between, discovering the hidden layers of what’s not spoken.

I feel.

Sometimes it’s overwhelming.

Grief, anger, joy, excitement, love.

Deep love.

Overflowing.  Making me, me.

  • Let me flow.


Photography Credit ~ Ryan McGuire


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