I hope you never read this…

Hebrew WritingI write some posts as if they will never be read.

I have to, otherwise the words would never reach the page.

Most of my writing is a raw unravelling of my experience of life.

Just as it is, in that moment where I sit and write.

The beauty and the mystery. The wondering and the disbelief. The joy and the upset.

It all has a place here.

I read a lot of blogs, and the ones which infuriate me the most, are those with a declaration of authenticity, mixed with words that feel somehow empty on the page.

The incongruence rubs.

I know I don’t always get it right either.

That’s why, when it feels tough, I imagine no one will read what I write.

It’s just me writing to me; like the most precious journal entry in a book, whose cover demands privacy.

Of course the marketeers would say I’m crazy foolish.

They would say “know your customer and write directly to them”.

I say know yourself, and write as truthfully as your soul can bear.

One person I deeply respect for her forthright authenticity also happens to have a cool name! Danielle LaPorte thrives on what she calls “white hot truth” ~ if you haven’t seen her work click here and take a look.

The Hebrew meaning of our name is “God is my judge”.  The connection comes from the Bible story Daniel and the Lions.  A story, that whatever your faith, reminds you to have the courage to stay true to your beliefs, knowing that in doing so you are protected.

I trust the deeper I go, the more authentically I share with you, the more you and I will learn together; and as the words form, the fear fades.  It’s at this point, I remember…

I hope you do actually get to read this.

With love Danielle x


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