How to get heard in a noisy world

Noisy WorldI’ve been running workshops all of my adult life – it’s what I do.

I remember being taught a principle many years ago that saved me on many occasions.

The principle was to “go under the noise”.

What does this really mean?

Imagine a room full of people, all excitedly talking to each other about something that has captured their attention.

You’re standing at the front and need to move on to the next agenda item.

The noise levels are high and so you shout to compete.

Your voice gets lost and people carry on with their own high energy conversations.

What I was taught was to go under the noise.

It’s like a human version of paper, scissors, stone.

Quiet beats noise.

Not what you would expect…

By standing silently at the front of the room holding the intention to start I can bring a room to focus far faster than if I shout.

Sometimes I raise a hand – I learned that from a school teacher who also practised going under the noise.

Those of you who attended The Pause will have seen me use a set of Tibetan bells.  It’s a peaceful way for me to go under the noise.

One person notices and then quickly like Chinese whispers others stop talking until even the noisiest extroverts at the back have quietened.

Often no words are said.

It takes a level of personal authority to do this. A groundness and self assured ness. We’re often conditioned to shout loudly in this noisy world.

I was reflecting on this the other day and it made me wonder about social media. In many ways it’s like a noisy classroom. Full of animated and often inspired conversation.

So how do you get yourself heard in amongst this noise?

Here are five ways you can get yourself heard in a noisy social media environment.  These tips can also apply to face to face meetings!

1. Be authentic
2. Share other’s work and source it
3. Have genuine conversation
4. Sell less
5. Connect from your heart

Photography Credit: Ryan McGuire

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