Following the signs

Life is always communicating with us

But how can you trust and follow the signs?  Since the law of attraction and the power of manifestation became more mainstream, there isn’t really a week that goes by where I don’t hear someone saying, ‘it must be a sign from the Universe’. It has become a shorthand code.  Often what it really means is that you either do or don’t like a situation that you are facing in that moment. I see people getting fixed on making decisions based on these ‘signs from the Universe’.  Usually what’s really going on is they are seeking evidence from around them that either supports their conditioning, inner belief system, hopes or desires at that time.  We see what we want to believe.

Yet here’s the thing – truly interpreting the signs of your life is not an easy path, here are my thoughts on why…

1. Sometimes the signs are subtle

We don’t notice them at first, so life has to keep looping around again and again until we begin to listen. Even then we may ignore the signs from life perhaps staying in a toxic relationship or ignoring the health niggles until eventually, life has to get louder with us. Luckily life is persistent. When it gets really loud, we often experience what I call an Enforced Pause.  A relationship breakdown or a life crisis for example where we have to begin to pay attention.

2. Sometimes the signs are ambiguous

You have an experience and your mind can automatically make meaning from it. Even a simple text message can be read in many ways to suit your mood. When you make an event mean something definite it can alter the course of the subsequent events substantially.  Yet often the meaning you made wasn’t really what the sign meant at all. Most signs from life have more complexity and duality than it ever seems at first glance.

3. Sometimes the signs come slowly

Speaking of the mind, have you ever noticed how much of a hurry it seems to be in? How often do you hear your mind saying, slow down, relax, take it easy… It’s much more likely to saying hurry up, don’t be a slacker, come on lazy bones. This desire for speed gets automatically overlaid onto the signs from life. The mind wants life to move faster, but life is complex. There are a myriad or puzzle pieces to fit into one sequence of events at any given time, and we are not always shown the full picture in one go. Life moves at its own pace. Much of the time this movement is slow (after all the universe is a large place!) until all of the pieces suddenly fall into place and then it often moves at a lightening fast pace. We are rarely in charge of this!

These are all reasons why interpreting the signs of life isn’t always easy, but what makes following the signs of life challenging is control. Or rather the lack of it. To truly follow the signs of your life requires you to surrender. To let go of how you think it should be. To release the way you planned your life and instead let life lead you. You may be called to do things beyond your wildest imagination. To forge an unconventional, untrodden path which is the route through life destined solely for you. Flowing with life in this way is a potent and powerful way to live. Choosing this way of being and this path is warrior work. It requires you to be awake, to be in inquiry, to show up and to let go. If you want to learn more about flowing rather than fighting with life, and know you are ready for this level of support then contact me for a Chemistry Call today.

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