Five things to help you stay healthy on the road

Thai Longtail BoatsAs you might know I’m currently travelling in Thailand.

It’s a country I’ve been lucky enough to visit many times, and my love for it never wavers.

The people, the beaches, the service, the warmth (Did I mention the sun?  I really am sounding like a true Brit coming out of a long winter!)

I was really happy to see the hotel I was staying at had a fresh juice bar at breakfast.

Not just squeeze your own OJ, but proper juices and smoothies made to order. Even though it wasn’t a green juice, my carrot, celery, apple and ginger was still a great start to the day!

It got me thinking how tricky it can be to stay healthy when you’re travelling.

Sleep patterns get disturbed, food and exercise routines change. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure here are 5 products I use, that can help you stay healthy on the road.

1. Colloidal silver – this natural antibiotic liquid has many uses and is a wonder for boosting immunity and healing cuts. It’s an old remedy that has been revived more recently. You will read lots in favour and against it’s use, I’ll leave it to you to make your own mind up!

2. Melatonin – I use this for naturally produced hormone for two nights when I change time zones to help me get straight back into a natural sleep rhythm. It completely reduces jet lag for me, and makes international travel a breeze. If you live in the UK you will have to buy it when you travel overseas in countries such as the USA, Canada, HK or Singapore.  My favourite is a dual release product that I stock up on in HK airport whenever I pass through.  Melatonin isn’t suited to everyone so if you have a pre-existing condition check with your health professional first.

3. Japanese Plum Balls – don’t underestimate these tiny little black balls – they have been a complete life saver for me and friends on exotic travels!   If I experience any signs of a tricky tummy I take ten of these and they work like a dream. If you are travelling to India in particular make sure you pack these!!

4. Natural mosquito repellent – the active ingredient in many anti mozzie products is a chemical called DEET. If you pour DEET onto plastic it warps. I don’t need to say any more! If like me you’re plauged by mosquitos, then choose a natural citronella based product. My favourite is made by The Lemongrass House, you can view their site by clicking here and they can arrange overseas delivery. They also have stores in Singapore.

5. The last one is my amazing noise cancelling headphones from Bose.  As an introvert, they are without doubt one of my totally sanity savers when I travel!  They are an investment that’s for sure, but being able to block out the noise of the aircraft makes a long haul flight all the more enjoyable and peaceful!

So what wouldn’t you leave home without?  Let me know in the comments box below.

Happy travels!

Love Danielle x

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