Five journal prompts to jumpstart your life

Do you ever have moments where you feel lost, scared, stuck or confused? 

If you do, you’re not alone. Over ten years I have used journalling as a tool to help me during these times, times when I need guidance in my life. Journalling helps you to makes sense of what’s happening, it gives you a precious space to be with yourself, quietening down the noise within and allowing you to be your own guide. Journalling is different to writing a diary.  There’s no rules of how to do it, it doesn’t require a specific rhythm or routine or one particular form.  For me I like to write, and do it whenever I feel the need to.

If you are drawn to journalling, or if you’re already journal frequently, I’m going to share five of my favourite journal prompts to help when you need guidance.  You can write, type, draw, paint your responses. Whatever you prefer. With all of these prompts allow your pen, pencil, paintbrush or fingers to keep flowing, expressing yourself without censoring. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense or not. Just keep writing, painting or drawing until you stop, and then repeat the question and express yourself some more.

Five Journal Prompts

1. If you want to deepen your understanding of your path and purpose in life use:

I went to the Master and asked “Master what do I need to know” and the Master said…

2. If you want to create clarity about what you need in your life, use

What I want is… (go deep, expressing express more than just the material aspects of your life)

3. If you are feeling stuck, and want to let go of the old, to make way for the new work with: 

I choose to let go of… Followed by I choose to let in…

4. If you are curious to reveal what might be blocking you in life, and especially if it feels hidden from you use: 

What don’t I want to know about me / my life / my situation right now?

5. If you want to spend some time reflecting on and celebrating your life use: 

I am grateful for…

Once you have spent some time journalling, read back what you have written or reflect on your artwork and allow any insights to emerge.

Remember you can do this however you choose. Here are three ways for you to be creative with your journalling and mix it up.

Three Tips For Creative Journalling

1. Journal with friends

You don’t have to journal alone, there may be some friends who would be happy to gather and journal together in the evenings or at the weekend.

2. Journal outside 

You don’t always have to journal inside. Why not be inspired by nature and take your journal down into the woods, on top of a hill or by a lake.

3. Let go of what you express

You don’t always have to keep your journal entries. You might like to sit and journal by the light of the fire and then create a ceremony to release the words into the flames.

Finally don’t try to force this (or any part of the process!) Like a good coffee, or a profound coaching session, insights can take time to percolate and often reveal themselves long after the exercise itself has been completed.

Let me know you favourite questions to journal on in the comments box below.

With love,

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