Diving to the depths, the journey of coaching


Diving to the depths

I’ve been a diver for ten years.  I adore the mystery and magic of diving to the depths.  Looking out into the blue, the world takes on a different perspective.

The vastness, the beauty, the challenge, the danger.  It all feels real.

Diving to the depths I feel alive.  Present.  Connected.  Stretched.

Yesterday I realised this is the journey of coaching for my clients.

It was a usual day of coaching for me.

I worked with 7 clients in 4 different countries, UK, Singapore Thailand and the US.

I travelled all around the map – literally, but more than that so did my clients.

They dived into the depths and navigated unchartered waters.

They faced their fears and allowed themselves to dream.

They dared to ask themselves questions they didn’t know the answers to.

Sitting with ambiguity, uncertainty and curiosity.

The deeper we went the more was revealed.

At times it felt risky, for them and for me.

Ever present as we stretched, connected, learned and evolved.

At times we were moved to tears, and felt inspired and grateful.

I know that working with me requires courage, and I admire all of my clients for taking that journey.

Being willing to claim their place in the world.

Every session different.

No rules.

Sometimes practical, other times emotive.

Sometimes strategic, other times honing in on the tiniest details.

Sometimes simple, other times complex.

Coaching is a unique and intimate journey – destination unknown. Click to tweet.

A magical mystery leading us into the unknown.

At times profound.

At times glaringly obvious.

For me both diving and coaching are a great privilege.  They fill my soul and bring me joy.  I learn more about me from both, and neither are taken for granted.

To everyone who has dared take the journey with me thank you.

For anyone who wants to, you can get in touch anytime.

With love,





Photography credit: Jameie Tyler (taken on a dive in the Similan Islands Thailand)








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  1. Sachdev Ramakrishna

    Fabulous commentary, Danielle. It reminds me of my favourite quote, “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to a arrive where we started, and know the place for the first time”. TS Eliot

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