Deepening Client Transformations

Coaches want to make a difference

I have worked with many coaches over the past decade, and I think it always comes down to the same thing, you want to make a significant difference to the lives of other people. It matters to you to be able to make a valuable contritubtion in the world, and coaching is a way for you to do that.

Yet the world we live in has become increasingly more difficult. There is wipespread disillusionment, many people are deeply anxious and live life on the edge; the very nature of making a difference becomes a relentless task for coaches. Over time this can take it's toll.  You loose heart, and it can be easy to give up as you question if the very work you love really can make an impact to people in today's society.

Extreme times require an unconventional approach

That's why I created this six-week course for you.

There has never been a time where your work with people is more needed; but extreme times require an unconventional response.

I want you to re-find you love and passion for the work you do. To re-discover the meaning of your work, and most importantly share with you a new and radical approach to coaching that I believe is essential for these times. 

Over the course of this six week programme, you will be guided by your intution into the heart of your practice; expanding your awareness so that you can deepen client transformations. 

Before you purchase, I would encourage you to listen to the audio above so you can learn more about the Unconventional Coaching For Coaches programme.

What will you learn? 

In this six-week course I will share with you:

Insights to strengthen the connection between yourself as a coach and your client work, which enable you to create greater shifts, so as you become known for creating transformation the more naturally you attract new client referrals.

Understanding of the need for, and value of, a contained client process, so your client's feel safe to fully express their upset, and you can fulfil your purpose as a coach by facilitating truly meaningful transformation. 

Guidance on how to do less in your coaching sessions, whilst holding a greater presence; allowing your clients to heal faster as they have the experience that is truly meant for them, rather than a following pre-determined outcome set by you.

Knowledge of why during client transformation it's likely to get harder before it gets easier, so you can feel increasingly more confident in your capacity to hold clients through emotional upset. 

Awareness of why supervision is key to revealing the unseen and creating deeper transformation with your clients, and ways to self-supervise so you minimise your risk of burnout, and maintain your energy levels as you do more great work with clients.

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Here's what others have said about this course: 

" This course changed everything for me ... woke up so much in me that took me to those next steps to turn my life around, leave my job, follow my passions and so much more!" 

"It was doing this course that got me coaching in the first place. Putting yourself out there for the first time can be really scary but so rewarding!"

"I am reviewing the Unconventional Coaching course from earlier this year - it occurs like a completly different course, my coaching has really evolved!"

More about Danielle

I'm an international coach with 15 years experience of coaching leaders and executives in over 20 different countries.  

I have always known a core of my life’s work would be to help other coaches and practitioners have deep transformations. Not just within themselves but also with their clients and patients.

It’s been at the back of my mind for a number of years, and I wait for the right time to share my coaching philosophy with the world. 

For a long time I didn’t have the right words to explain it because I know it’s unconventional.
To be honest it goes against everything we get taught as coaches.

A couple of years ago I began to capture what I have learned so far about creating transformation in ourselves as practitioners, in service of deeper change for our clients.  It has been incredible to share and to see the response not just from coaches, but from a broad range of people practioners.

As well as pioneering Unconventional Coaching For Coaches, I am the author of Pause, and the founder of The Pause Retreats. 

How does it work?

During this six-week programme you will learn about the Five Foundation Stones of coaching:

1. The Twin Journey so you can strengthen your connection to your purpose as a coach

2. Safety & Containment so you can build even deeper trust with your clients

3. Stillness in Service so you can hold an even stronger presence in your coaching sessions

4. Emotional Depth so you can feel confident in unravelling your client's emotions

5. Coach Supervision so you can learn the unseen lessons that coaching gifts to you

You will receive weekly course content including audios and self-reflective exercises.  

Every week we will meet for a live 90 minute webinar to review the content and explore live case studies.

I will answer all of your coaching related questions so you can apply the insights you learn directly to your client work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much does the course cost?

2. What’s the deadline to register?

Registration closes on Friday 22nd March 

3. I’m in! When will I get access to the programme?

Great! You will recive access to the private Facebook group within 48 hours.

You will have immediate access to the online course content.

The live webinars begin on Friday 22nd March 2019 @ 2pm UK



4. When are the webinars?

There are six 90 minute live webinars with Danielle, held on Fridays at 2pm UK. 

If you can't attend the webinars will be recorded and sent to you straight after the live event.

You can post your questions in advance to the pivate Facebook Group for me to answer if you are not on the live call.


22nd March - Introduction
29th March - Module 1 
5th April - Module 2 
12th April - Module 3
19th April - Module 4
26th April - Module 5

5. How does the course work?

There are five recorded modules for you to listen to, one each week.  These modules make up the content of the course and contain exercises for you to complete.  You should allow an hour each week to listen to the course content.

On Fridays we meet for a live webinar, which will follow this structure:

30 minutes reviewing course content
30 minutes working through a live case study
30 minutes answering your questions 

During the webinars you can ask me all your questions directly, as well as work on real case studies and current coaching challenges you have with me.
These sessions will be recorded in case you can’t make it, and there will also be a private Facebook group where you can share your successes, sticking points and questions with myself and a community of other likeminded coaches between sessions.

6. Who is this course for?

It's for you if you are a coach, business leader, trainer, faciltator, healer, counsellor, teacher - someone who works with people and wants to learn how to deepen your client transformations. 

This course works well for both experienced coaches who want to dive more deeply into their development, and for new coaches who are learning their craft.

It's for you if you want: 

Insights to allow you to sink more deeply into transformation and make an even bigger difference.
Understanding of what is needed to support clients through disillusionment and deep emotional upset.  
Guidance on how to be alongside, but not interfere with, your client's own process.  
Knowledge as to why during client awakening the experience is likely to be tougher before it gets easier.  
Awareness of ways to manage your energy and minimise burnout.
Connection to a community of likeminded practitioners.