A new paradigm for coaching

The world is changing

This year, particularly in the UK and USA, people have called for change. Many don’t know if the change they voted for will be better, but it they take that risk, knowing how it has been is no longer how they want it to be. Disillusionment runs deep and the status quo is no longer acceptable.

A new paradigm for coaching

This poses a challenge for coaches. At the heart of what you do you want to make a difference to people, but what people need is changing with the times. It has always been an unstable and unpredictable world that we live in; however many of us have lived from a place of control. We tell ourselves a story that, ‘If I create this plan and work hard towards it then I will be OK.” We have controlled our emotions too. Suppressing the rage, pain and fear at the expense of joy, gratitude and wonderment of life.

Coaches have played the same game, using tools and process to guide people in a particular direction, encouraging the people they coach to focus on their goals, whilst often avoiding the deeper emotional upset that runs beneath for themselves and the people they work with.

A bigger game is needed now.

Extreme times require an unconventional response

To truly make a difference to the people you serve in these turbulent times, you are going to need to let go. This will be different for each of you, but it might look like this:

Letting go of…

1. goal setting which directs a coaching conversation in a particular way
2. tools that prevent you from truly following your client’s story
3. doubt that you should be doing this work
4. fear that you might harm another if you go too deeply
5. a need to get your client somewhere
6. the desire for each session to finish neatly

You can add whatever works for you to this list!

The time is now

I recently finished taking a wonderful group of coaches through the six-week online programme, Unconventional Coaching For Coaches. I wasn’t planning to run another course until March, but I realise that we cannot wait that long. More people are needed to support others in a new way. The time is now.

I have decided to run the six-week programme sooner, and we will start at the end of January. This time, in response to your feedback, I have arranged the webinars to suit Australia and Asia as well as Europe.

I have opened registration for the next two-weeks with an early bird price for anyone who knows they are ready to join this programme. You can find more details and register here.

I look forward to discovering more with you soon.

With Love,

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