5 tips to prevent burnout

5 tips to prevent burnout

I want to share some tips with you to prevent burnout.

As you know I crashed and burned a few years ago. I had to take three months off and learn how to look after myself from scratch again.

In recent weeks I’ve had a lot going on.

Some of it has been fun and exciting including international travel, festivals, a new extended five day Deep Pause and other projects behind the scenes in the business. Some of it has been challenging with endings both of loved one’s lives and my own relationship along with preparing to move.

I could feel the familiar signs of burnout creeping in. After all I’ve been there before. If there’s one reason to have a huge crash, it must be so you can spot the signs and prevent it next time!

Your body is amazing. It communicates so much to you. Click to Tweet.

Mine started talking.

Painful kidneys, trouble sleeping, weight gain, busy mind.

As usual I reticent to listen.

The problem is when you get really busy you stop noticing your body.

It has to shout more loudly for your attention.

Eventually if you ignore it for long enough it has to really wake you up.

You might experience anxiety or a panic attack or even a more serious burnout.

I’m learning it’s much easier to prevent burnout that cure it.

Here are five tips to prevent burnout:

  • Reduce workday creep by setting clear boundaries and working for set periods.
  • Include protein with every meal to keep your blood sugar balanced.
  • Turn off all your electrical items off one hour before you go to bed. Take a bath or read a book to wind down.
  • Have some down down. Try mediating using this simple, but brilliant app by Headspace.
  • Create some White Space in your diary for thinking, creating, planning and relaxing!

So if you’re feeling tired and run down, I want to encourage you to choose one of these tools this week.

It’s tempting to focus on them all but for now just choose one!

Try it for a week and let me know what you notice and how you feel.

The key is not to get it perfect but to see what impact small changes can have.

I would love to hear how you get on, leave me a message on the comments box below.

With love,


8 Responses to “5 tips to prevent burnout”

  1. Sarah Lingard

    Hi Danielle, I am Andy Marchant’s cousin in Lincolnshire and remember you visiting us at mum & dads house when you were younger with your brothers and your mum. I have fibromyalgia/cfs/ME & hypothyroidism and I’m sure I have adrenal fatigue & basically burnt out slot of the time. It looks like my daughters Jasmine (15) & Katie (8) are following in my footsteps so any tips like this are very useful to us! I’m pleased you’re feeling better & recovering. Pleased to see your new life coach business is doing well. Take care, Sarah xx

    • Charlotte

      Sarah – I’ve just read your post, and really empathise with the complexity of what you’re dealing with. I have recently read an excellent book called ‘The Iodine Crisis: what you don’t know about Iodine can wreck your life’ by Lynne Farrow, and would highly recommend it. My friend has had fibromyalgia for over 20 years and is making really positive steps after having read this book and following the protocol recommended in it, and me too! I hope this can be of help – and hope you don’t mind me putting this on your blog, Danielle…

      • Danielle Marchant

        Please do share in this way Charlotte. It’s exactly what this space is about. We’re here to learn together, collectively we are stronger x

    • Danielle Marchant

      Hi Sarah, it’s lovely to be reconnected again after all these years! I remember visiting 🙂 Do you have a good team to support you with your health? When I burnt out I found that having a good nutritionist and a brilliant therapist was crucial. I still keep that team intact today! I found Dr Frank Lipman’s book Revive was really helpful when I was sick. I also needed to rest my body far more than my mind wanted me too. I was aware how much my mind thought I should be busy, active and doing things. I think giving yourself permission to go slower is important. The pace of life is fast these days but you don’t have to keep up with it. Wishing you health and happiness, Danielle x

  2. Jo

    Thanks Danielle. As ever, so helpful. I’ve been ignoring my body for too long and the impact of that and not doing your tips is being felt by me at the moment. This week, I’ve listened and cancelled two things to choose more restful working activity. It felt liberating and exciting to put me and my body first for once. I think using all your tips will be great for me and I’ll let you know how I get on. Tip 1 is the focus for me for this month to try and break some deep rooted patterns. I notice a pattern of mine is to excuse a lack of boundaries for the love of what I do. I recognise finally that’s it’s safer and healthier to have boundaries within all that we love. Thankyou. Jo xxxx

    • Danielle Marchant

      Hi Jo, I’m so glad you found this helpful. I really get how it can be easier to ignore our bodies in the short term. It takes courage (and big girl pants!) to make changes, I know you can do it though. To do what you love demands that you look after yourself, and what I’ve learned over the past few years is that true freedom has boundaries. Enjoy finding out what yours are. Much love Danielle xx

  3. Charlotte

    I came out to Bali for exactly that reason. I reckon I ‘burnt out’ around 9 months ago, and have been taking it easy ever since. This trip is a complete change of scene and pace, an opportunity to re-charge batteries in every sense. I totally agree with your practical suggestions of how to support yourself and prevent burn out. For me, though, it has gone deeper. I have needed to dig down to find the deeper psychological thread underneath it all and address that first, supported by some of the practical suggestions you have given. And of course, these things are always multi-layered and multi-faceted, needing to be addressed from every angle. Thanks for writing about this – I think this topic is relevant for so many people.

    • Danielle Marchant

      Hi Charlotte, I’m so envious of you in Bali right now! The perfect place to Press Pause 🙂 I agree that these tips are only a part of the story. In my one to one coaching we dig deep to explore the psychological aspect of what’s going on. It’s crucial to lasting change. Enjoy finding the ‘something’ that I know emerges from the ‘nothing’. Much love xx


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